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We are a fun group of Germans, Ex-Germans, Future-Germans (and people who are simply interested in German culture, German people, or the country) living in and around New York City. Feel free to speak either German or English at our monthly meetup, but be sure to read the description of any special event to see what language it will be in.

All Germans, German speakers and anyone who is interested in Germany/Switzerland/Austria are welcome to join.

We typically meet once a month for our "Monthly German Culture Meetup", which is free to attend and is usually in an area of a bar/restaurant exclusively reserved for our group. We participate in other activities & events such as movies, theatre, lectures, dinners, art shows, some of them free of charge, some of them need to be paid for.

We are looking forward to meeting you at one of our events!


Thomas Langheinrich


+1 917-302-4651


Hier treffen sich Deutsche, Deutschsprachige und solche, die in irgendwelcher Hinsicht an Deutschland/Schweiz/Oesterreich interessiert sind. Es wird Deutsch und Englisch gesprochen, je nach Lust, Laune und Gespraechspartner. Die Teilnehmer sind jeglichen erdenklichen Alters und setzen sich aus Deutschen, ehemals Deutschen, zukuenftigen Deutschen und an Deutschland interessierten Leuten zusammen.

In der Regel treffen wir uns 1x im Monat an einem Freitag ab ca. 18 Uhr in einem Restaurant / in einer Bar zu unserem kostenlosen "Monthly German Culture Meetup", wo wir normalerweise einen separaten Bereich zugewiesen bekommen. Das Treffen dauert erfahrungsgemaess mindestens bis 21/22 Uhr, oftmals bleiben viele aber auch noch bis Mitternacht, um anschliessend noch weiter zu ziehen.

Wir nehmen des Weiteren an diversen Veranstaltugen teil, sei es Filme, Theater, Musik, Deutsche Kueche, Vorlesungen, und andere, teils kostenlos, teils muss man jedoch dafuer bezahlen

Wenn du einen schoenen Abend mit vielen neuen, netten Bekanntschaften erleben willst, dann komm das naechste Mal einfach zu unserem monatlichen Treffen.

Wir freuen uns auf dich!


Thomas Langheinrich


+1 917-302-4651

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($20-$25) European Dessert Tasting

German School Manhattan

Indulge your sweet tooth with delicious treats from all over Europe and meet old and make new friends! Autumn is in full swing, the weather is getting colder and the leaves are changing color. What better activity could you think of than meeting nice people and learning more about European culture by tasting some delicious treats? We from Link EUS take you on a mouth watering trip through Europe on which you will incidentally meet new people and learn something about European food culture - just like when you are traveling Europe in real life. This event is all about sharing our love for good food, learning and tasting something new, making new connections and having a good time together! Everyone is welcome, so please come and bring your friends and loved ones. Get your tickets now at https://www.link-eus.com/book-online What to expect: The event will start at 8 pm to make sure you can come directly after work or from home. You are free to join us later than 8pm, but we recommend to be on time as some desserts may be gone at some point. We will set up tables with popular desserts of different European countries and there will be wine, beer and water, as well as lots of time to taste some delicious desserts and to have great conversations. The ticket price is $25 - and only $20 for all the early birds among you who get their ticket by November 9 (https://www.link-eus.com/book-online). How to get there: Take the A or C to Chambers Street the 2 or 3 to Park Place, the N, R or W to City Hall the J to Chambers Street, the 4, 5 or 6 to Brooklyn Bridge City Hall Station or the E or the Path Train to World Trade Center. The fees include a tasting of different European desserts, water, wine and beer. Ticket Prices: Early Bird (until November 9): $20 Students: $20 Regular Admission: $25 Drinks and small desserts are included in the tickets! Tickets are available here: https://www.link-eus.com/book-online

Brooklyn German Language Group - Stammtisch Dez 2019

Bierocracy in Long Island City with German, Domestic and Czech beer / food menu. Free house beer with giant pretzel order :D Plenty of space in a quiet environment conducive to engaging German conversation at all levels of proficiency!: https://www.yelp.com/biz/bierocracy-long-island-city-2 Conveniently located one block from the 21st St. Station on the G Line and 3 blocks from the Vernon Blvd. / Jackson Ave. Station on the 7 Line. The arme Sau (piggy bank) will make the rounds for any small donation :) Funds go towards Meetup fees etc. Wir freuen uns aufs Treffen!

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(Free) Expat Career Day

Consulate General of Germany

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