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Welcome to the Open NLP Group!

It’s about open source projects on natural language processing.

It’s open to people with all kinds of backgrounds: students, industry, …

It’s open access: watch the livestream from everywhere, join us on-site if the situation permits or check out the recording made available after the event.

And last but not least, the Open NLP Group is more than high-quality talks from industry and research perspectives. It’s also the place to discuss with NLP enthusiasts, connect with peers, get ideas how to integrate NLP techniques into your applications, …

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Neural Search and Benchmarking Information Retrieval


For the event on August 12th, 7pm CEST, we have two talks scheduled that present open source frameworks for building neural search pipelines and for benchmarking information retrieval models. The event will be streamed and the link to the stream will be shared before the event.


Talk 1:
Branden Chan, Machine Learning Engineer at deepset, will present how to get beyond keyword search with the neural search framework Haystack: https://github.com/deepset-ai/haystack

Talk 2:
Nandan Thakur, Research Assistant at UKP Lab at Technical University of Darmstadt, will present his framework for benchmarking information retrieval models, BEIR: https://github.com/UKPLab/beir

Virtual Networking
We will make sure that there is enough time and virtual space to chat with other attendees after the two talks.

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