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Comparative Agility is the world's largest agility assessment instrument, fueling data-driven continuous improvement strategies at multiple organizational levels through knowledge and domain-specific intelligence.

We are creating a Meetup group with a goal to gather Agile enthusiasts all around the world to share knowledge and expertise. Our meetups will be in an online form. We are welcoming everyone who is looking to expand their knowledge in the agile domain.

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Using Assessment to Help Determine Agile Maturity and Areas of Strength/Weakness

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When used properly, assessments are a powerful tool that helps identify areas of strength and weakness throughout a company. They enable important conversations needed to foment improvement and elaborate on successes. Effective assessments can also document changes over time. In this presentation, Bruce will briefly discuss the Agile transformation at Siemens Healthcare, the important role of assessments, and how they facilitated change within the organization.

About the speaker
Bruce Newman has been involved with Agile for over 12 years and has consulted with numerous companies. Currently, an Agile Principal at Siemens Healthineers, Bruce has been intimately involved with its Agile transformation and has worked with numerous projects and teams to improve the effectiveness of their Agile implementation.
His certifications include: PMP, PMI-ACP, SPC, CSP-SM, and CSP-PO.

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Fireside Chat with Bob Galen & Mark Summers about Agile Coaching

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