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We are a group for anyone interested in microservices ( http://martinfowler.com/articles/microservices.html ) architecture as well as Reactive Systems ( https://www.reactivemanifesto.org/ ) and Distributed Systems in general. Maybe you just read one of Martin Fowlers articles about the topics or you are the main architect behind the Netflix platform. Everybody is welcome!

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How to move fast, deploy often, and minimize risk with microservices

This time we will dig deeper into the runtime aspects of microservices. Damjan is working for the company PRODYNA (Austria) SE and for our upcoming event he offered to tell us more about their system with requirements for high availability, high reliability, and high throughput. Damjan was working on a project for a transactional system that serves as the backend for multiple POS and web-shop systems. The service he was working on is part of a larger system but sits at the core as a single source of truth for the balance of every customer account. From a domain perspective it is a ledger for a customer’s balance, as well as for his/her transactions. The system is built out of 5 microservices running on GKE (Google Kubernetes Engine). The services are connected with Istio as the service mesh and use the Google Cloud Endpoints plus Extensible Service Proxy (ESP) for authenticating requests. Google Spanner is used as database. It currently serves approximately 1.6 million calls every day, out of which[masked] are write requests. The system is currently able to handle this load with a mean latency of 50 ms and a p98 of 120 ms. He will show that well designed services can handle a large load with minimal resources - it can serve up to 100 r/s on 1vCPU & 2.7GB (n1-standard-1) nodes! He will talk about technological decisions made, the problems faced, and pitfalls experienced and to showcase how microservices can enable a team to move fast, deploy often and minimize risk. -- Damjan Gjurovski, Software Engineer works at PRODYNA (Austria) SE since 2019. As an IT consultant, he worked on a distributed, cloud native transaction system in the role of a DevOps engineer, supporting development of Java + Spring Boot based microservices and their deployment and operation on GKE, facilitating millions of transactions in real time. Before that, he worked with Kotlin + Spring Boot and Typescript + React + Redux for nearly 2 years. He is excited about all cloud native technologies, and Kubernetes in particular. As well passionate about the use and promotion of DevOps practices as a way to deliver faster, better, more stable software. Graduated Software Engineering at the TU Wien in 2016. -- We are looking forward to meet you, Damjan and celebrate a bit with you! Expect an extended welcome reception BEFORE the talk - with some free drinks AND (tata!) a few Riesenpartybretzel. So, show up early to eat, drink, meet people and network! -- 18:00 Welcome Reception 19:00 Damjan Gjurovski - How to move fast, deploy often and minimize risk with microservices -- Thank you RIAT for hosting and serving us! Thank you Jumio, S-IT, trigo, and willhaben for sponsoring all event costs! Last but not least, you bet, our sponsors would love to hire YOU! :-) https://www.jumio.com/careers/ https://www.s-itsolutions.at/de/karriere_erste_group/stellenangebote https://www.trigo.at/we-are-hiring https://jobsbei.willhaben.at We are looking forward to this event! Martin, Angela, Gottfried, Fabian, Andy, Paul, Daniel, Hans and Christoph.

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