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Über uns

Dear men,

this group wants to set a frame for self-reflected, ambitious guys to not only improve themselves but also to build a connection with other like-minded people apart from your usual social circles, where everybody can profit from one another.

Join when you like to ...

  1. have a safe space for opening up
  2. extend your current world view
  3. become a better version of yourself

!!! We have no other interest behind these meetings than to build a strong community that enriches your current social network. No costs, no subscriptions, no nothing !!!

What is „Red Pill“?
Red Pill is not against women. RP is not in favour of men. RP doesn’t care. RP is neutral, indifferent.
Red Pill is a method. A way of investigating one self, life, society, the world. It’s a tool to find yourself amidst all the noise and confusion.
RP is a path towards understanding. No matter how much it hurts your feelings, open your eyes and see the world how it really is. No filter, no sugar coating. Cold, hard facts. Deal with that, adjust to it, grow within your natural environment.
RP is more necessary than ever. In a world where every piece of news, every „scientific fact“ seems to be carried by a hidden agenda, we need to learn to see through all the stories around us. We need to dig deeper, until we find stable ground we can stand on. This is a journey, this is hard work.
Let’s join forces and take on the challenge together.