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Über uns

[German description below] We Scrum Masters / Agile Coaches are often confronted with challenging situations in our daily work - in our teams, between teams, with management or other departments. Often it is not in our hands to solve these problems ourselves. Although there is fortunately more and more often more than one Scrum Master in IT departments, there is often a lack of external perspectives, because everyone is part of the system. Consequences can be that conflicts are difficult to solve and Scrum Masters act beyond their role and thus become overburdened.

What is supervision?

Our supervision group supports Scrum Masters to discuss their cases in a neutral environment and to learn from the experience of other colleagues. In contrast to an expert group, however, where experiences and tips are shared, we work with the psychodynamic approach. This approach, which focuses on the unconscious dynamics, promotes emotional and goal-oriented thinking and offers the caseworker the opportunity to develop new associations and to give new impetus to his or her creativity.
The supervision group is exclusively for Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches who either want to discuss a current case or support a colleague. No matter if case giver or participant, everyone learns from this kind of exchange.


Unsere Supervisionsgruppe unterstützt Scrum Master:innen, in einem neutralen Umfeld ihre Fälle zu besprechen und vom Erfahrungsschatz anderer Kollegen zu lernen. Im Gegensatz aber zu einer Expertenrunde, in der Erfahrungen und Tipps geteilt werden, arbeiten wir mit dem psychodynamischen Ansatz. Dieser Ansatz, der sich den unbewussten Dynamiken zuwendet, fördert emotionales und zielgerichtetes Denken und bietet dem:der Fallgeber:In die Möglichkeit, neue Assoziationen zu entwickeln und seiner:ihrer Kreativität zu neuem Schwung zu verhelfen.

Die Supervisionsgruppe richtet sich ausschließlich an Scrum Master:innen und Agile Coaches, die entweder einen aktuellen Fall besprechen oder die eine_n Kolleg_in unterstützen wollen. Egal ob Fallgeber oder Teilnehmer, jeder lernt von dieser Art von Austausch.