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Monthly event to discuss and show-and-tell new technology! Geeks, inventors, new companies with cool products and ANYONE curious about new tech is welcome.

Visit us online @ http://www.sfnewtech.com

Here's what folks say about SF New Tech:

“SF New Tech is the best place in San Francisco to launch, meet or recruit for young tech companies.” – Lars Leckie, Partner, Hummer Winblad

“SF New Tech is a great environment to meet the movers and shakers in the startup community. Being a Friend of New Tech gives us the exposure we want in order to highlight our expertise in advising entrepreneurs and their companies. In addition, it allows us to meet other like minded resource partners that also specialize in working with startups and their founders.” – John Lin, Wealth Manager, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney

“SF New Tech is the Daddy of all tech events in San Francisco. Where laid trails many have followed.” – Duncan Logan, CEO & Founder, RocketSpace, Inc.

“SF New Tech is a great place to meet entrepreneurs and to be part of the exciting enterprise of the launch of new businesses and even whole new markets. I always discover something new and surprising at each event and meet new and interesting people from all over the world.” – Matt Perez, COO & Co-founder, Nearsoft, Inc

“SF New Tech is the best opportunity for my firm to reach out and become part of an established new tech community. It’s the real deal … interesting people, interesting companies and a great platform for me to grow my business.” – Kevin Waldron, CEO, Waldron Consulting Group

SF New Tech is the “Place to see and be seen… One of the best shows in town.” — John Katsaros, Analyst, Internet Research Group

“SF New Tech is a networking event in which the -next big thing- in web developments meets the audience looking out for the hot new tip.” — BBC News

“SF New Tech is a fun factory for serious entrepreneurs… an event which brings together hot startups, aspiring startups, and the groupies who love them. Add a little booze and an industrial-design bar venue, and you have a gathering which transcends a business event, and becomes a monthly destination for the hip in high-tech” — SF Examiner

Important Note: While we use meetup.com as a central hub for our community -- we manage our ticket sales and event registration with Eventbrite. That said, the attendee counts listed under "Past Meetups" on meetup.com are incorrect. All of our events sell out usually with 100+ people attending each one.

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Modern Wellbeing with Jeremiah Owyang : How Tech Changes Everything

Executive Briefing Center @ DocuSign

Modern Wellbeing and The Ironies of Turning to Tech to Become More Human: How Tech Changes Our Minds, Bodies, Communities, and Spaces Presented by Jeremiah Owyang Thursday, August 29, 2019 DocuSign Executive Briefing Center 221 Main St., San Francisco, CA 5:30 - 8:00 pm Register @ https://sfnewtech.com/event/modernwellbeing/ (Ticket required for entry) Modern Wellbeing is trending on Main Street -- and it's big business with serious ramifications. Jeremiah Owyang, Founder of Kaleido Insights, has identified another powerful technology trend where consumer-grade technologies, powered by tech giants, are enabling humans to augment their thoughts, emotions, bodies, and relationships with others. In this dynamic presentation, he’ll define “modern wellbeing” by illustrating the four areas being augmented by technology, sharing key case studies, and showcasing some of the leading technology providers. The modern wellbeing trend isn’t just a rose-colored road; there are serious concerns around privacy, power shifting to Silicon Valley, and the core purpose of the human condition. Jeremiah will explore these challenges, as well as provide additional trend data, funding information, and forecast future implications. * Learn about research-based insights on the “well-tech” space. * Find out why Calm is now valued at a billion dollars, with its customers being large enterprise organizations. * Find out how Apple now has more information about our well being than our primary care doctors, and how consumers and citizens are turning to Silicon Valley for their wellbeing -- rather than traditional health institutions * And more. ----------------------------------------------------------- About Jeremiah Owyang Jeremiah is a founding partner at Kaleido Insights; a research and advisory firm based in San Francisco. Their mission is to enable organizations to act on technological disruption based on original research resulting in pragmatic recommendations. Jeremiah is also the founder at Catalyst Companies, which focuses on advising and supporting corporate innovation leaders. Jeremiah is well recognized by both the tech industry and the media for his grounded approach to deriving insights through rigorous research. From corporate innovation, autonomous technology or modern wellbeing, he views every aspect of emerging technologies through the lens of growth, opportunity and constantly shifting consumer behaviors and expectations. Forever at the forefront, he identifies trends and advises major companies to adapt their business models to better connect with customers. His clients include Adobe, Cisco, Wells Fargo, Nestle, Esurance, Johnson & Johnson, Visa, and Colgate among others. An acknowledged thought leader and widely read publisher, Owyang has appeared in such publications as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, USA Today and Fast Company. He also publishes numerous research reports, playbooks and frameworks to help businesses navigate change, improve customer experiences and identify trends before they happen. Tickets are limited. Light refreshments will be served. Doors open at 5:30 pm Presentation at 6:00 pm Register @ https://sfnewtech.com/event/modernwellbeing/

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