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This is a group for all the guards of the nines, for the brave on-call heroes, for system and software engineers with a liking for uptime, for the fans of the feature, and all those who think that hope is not a strategy. Let's learn from each other, share our on-call experiences, and explore together!

Group artwork by Tina Behlau (https://www.linkedin.com/in/tina-behlau/) based on K. C. Green (http://kcgreendotcom.com/index.html)'s famous comic This Is Fine (http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/this-is-fine)

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SRE MUC Winter Edition

Drygalski-Allee 25

We’re excited to announce the next Meetup of the Site Reliability Engineering Munich group for February 13th.

This time around we will be meeting at MaibornWolff as they have graciously agreed to host us! Lets all meet up once again, talk about reliability, exchange ideas and see where we can continue to learn on our journey as site reliability engineers (and folks that aspire to be one!). Meetups are about engaging within the community, so we are looking to everyone to share ideas and learn to ultimately to reduce the risk of disasters.

We would like to thank MaibornWolff for sponsoring this event and catering it!

Please help to spread The Word! Feel free to post this event on social media using the #sremuc hashtag!

You can reach the organizers at [masked]


6:30 pm Get together with food and drinks
7:00 pm Welcome to SREmuc
7:15 pm Talk 1: …and now it is yours! Building reliable and maintainable platforms for customers (Maximilian Schaugg, Martin Zehetmayer)
7:45 pm Short break
8:00 pm Talk 2: Simplifying Development and Testing Infrastructure with mirrord (Tak Zwick, MetalBear)
8:30 pm Talk 3: Recap SREcon 2022 Europe
8:45 pm Networking + Drinks
9:30 pm Leave happy and inspired :)


Speakers & Abstract:
Talk 1:
…and now it is yours! Building reliable and maintainable platforms for customers
Maximilian Schaugg and Martin Zehetmayer, MaibornWolff

Building a reliable and maintainable platform is hard, even if you have a large amount of people and resources available. Let’s imagine, you need to build a platform, which you have to hand over to someone else — immediately your bar is set higher.

Let us show you methodologies, how to find the right tools for a cloud-native project, common problems as well as what you need to tackle, in order to make the platform operable for your customer.

Learn from real project stories and receive practical hints for using CNCF products for a ready-to-operate platform.

Talk 2:
Simplifying Development and Testing Infrastructure with mirrord.
Tak Zwick, MetalBear

Organizations that build and deploy cloud-native software are faced with the challenge of building and maintaining infrastructure for the development and testing of their software. Development ergonomics and testing quality tend to be at odds with keeping costs and complexity low. mirrord “mirrors” the environment of a Kubernetes cluster to local processes in real-time. We’ll explore how organizations can employ mirrord to give their developers the best cloud development experience, all while simplifying the development infrastructure.

Talk 3:
Recap SREcon 2022 Europe
Kordian Bruck, Ingo Averdunk


There may be audio and video recordings of the talks with the purpose of sharing the learnings and advertising future events. By attending the event you give your consent to be recorded.

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SRE MUC Fall Edition

Zugspitzstraße 1