14. Meetup - Stahlstadt.js

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Hello Stahlstadtkinder!

At the time of writing you wouldn't notice, but Summer is drawing nearer every day. Maybe we get some decent temperatures and sunshine as well. Let's find out together when we meet up again at Stahlstadt 14.

Date: June 7, 2017

Location: karriere.at


Robert Wurm: Angular 4 component model

Bernhard Mayr: Cycle.js

Markus Schmidinger: Elm

Manu Wieser: Something with the keywords "Games, RxJs and Immutable.js"

We are incredibly happy to be invited again by our good friends at Karriere.at! Take a good look at all the pictures on Meetup, and you'll find lots of smiling faces and people enjoying themselves in their office spaces (not talking about that amazing food we got each time!)

We have an Agenda this time, as we want to tweak our format a little bit:

18:30 - Doors

19:00 - Brief intro and two talks (20 min each)

19:40 - Break

20:20 - two talks (20 min each)

21:00 - Outro and staying as long as our host wants us to be here :)

We also have a few announcements to make at this meetup, so stay tuned and excited!

See you soon!