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Stahlstadt.js #19
Hello Stahlstadtkinder! It's November already! This means there's just a couple of weeks left until the end of the year draws near. And before everyone of us is occupied with Christmas parties, we meet once more at a new host for some JavaScript extravaganza! So join us at Siemens, and get ready for some Angular goodness. You can of course bring your talks as well. Show us your latest project, present a framework you tried out. And don't be shy, we welcome first-timers, and slide-free, just-code lightning talks as well! The first two talks are ready! ✨ __________________________________________ Daniela Borgmann & Markus-Juan Bohensky - Insights into State Management in Angular Web Applications (Siemens AG Österreich) __________________________________________ Lukas Holzer - Sketching the web 💎 Sketch is a popular tool in the design community to create mock-ups and designs for web sites and apps. However it's still just one step towards a real-world application. And results in production might differ greatly from what has been sketched in a previous step. What would you say if you can turn the tables, and put real world web into Sketch. For designers to do the next design iteration process based on facts. And for your developers to feel a grasp of reality. Join me and find out how to turn coal into diamonds, and translate the web into Sketch. __________________________________________ If you have an idea for a talk, send it to us via private message, or shoot a mail, or DM us on Twitter ( Oh and btw: Siemens has some jobs out there! - Lead Web Developer: - Frontend Developer: - Web Developer See you on November 27! Dominik, Sebastian and Stefan

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