Stahlstadt.js #25 - Community from Home

Öffentliche Gruppe


Dieses Event ist vorbei


Hi friends!

Self-Isolation can show us one thing: That we are closer than we expected. That's why we want to invite you to the first online Stahlstadt.js, where we want to celebrate our lovely community and have some fun together online.

We are looking for talks and show-cases. We'd like to keep it casual: Show us your self-isolation side project. Give us a quick update on what you learned. A book that you read. Some JavaScript WTFs that crossed your code. Everything from a 5-minute show-case to a full 30-minute talk is welcome. Hit us up! We're curious to see what you have been tinkering with!

The most important thing: Show up! We miss you. And we're keen to meet you again, even if it's *just* online.

Current list of talks!
Manuel Matuzovic - Showcase Frontend Bookmarks
Max Böck - Showcase The Emergency Website Kit
Samuel Snopko - Demo: Blazingly fast with Nuxt.js
Manuel Wieser - Doom Port in Emscripten


Our friends from Dynatrace have some DevOne event beer prepared for Stahlstadt.js attendees. It's a delicious Pale Ale and an exciting Farmhouse Ale. If you live in Linz or around the Linz area, send them an email to [masked] to sign up — while supplies last! First come, first serve.

Sign up until Tuesday at 1pm — You will get a notification to pick up your beer from the Dynatrace Office in Linz. It's waiting outside for you to pick up — in a safe distance to all the other beers!


Also, Dominik put all his youthful knowledge into setting up a Twitch Account for Stahlstadt.js. You know, like the cool kids do! Follow us at -- It's like Myspace. But with videos!
(I tell you! By the end of this decade, we even might get Tiktok!)

See you soon, and stay healthy!
Sebastian, Dominik and Stefan