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Berlin's premier network for early stage startups.

Join our group if you are:

a founder or prospective founder
looking for co-founders
a developer or designer
part of an established founding team (and can share some insights)
work for a startup
would like to join a startup
curious about startup

We can help you:

find co-founders
make valuable connections
get feedback on your ideas
find a position with a startup.
tap hidden resources
pitch to investors

Startup Berlin is a community supported project.

Please help us by:

volunteering (become a guest organiser)
providing us with a location
sponsoring an event
sharing your knowledge (giving a talk or running a workshop)
hosting an event on our platform
becoming a network partner

Contact stephen@startupberlin.org if you think you can help.

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Startup networking and more - build your MVP

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Startup Berlin Meetup

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