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Startup Commons aims to ensure that all key players in the startup scene, at least once per year, have the chance to meet face-to-face. The event has been a regular tradition in Amsterdam and Berlin for years.

This group is intended to give an online presence to the network created at these physical events. The events in this group are organized and hosted by a range of Startup Commons partners like Leapfunder, AWS, UtrechtInc, Acrobator VC, Dutch Founders Fund, Forward Inc, dealroom.co, Arches Capital, Startup Village, Techstars, torq.partners, rockstart, StartupAmsterdam, No Such Ventures, Volta Ventures, Curiosity VC, Peak, and Amsterdam Capital House. There is always a host present at each of the online and offline events in this group.

Startup Commons is not-for-profit and brand-neutral. It is a shared resource for all its partners. And anyone from the startup scene can join as a partner.

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