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StutttgartJS @ My Porsche (Ludwigsburg)
Hello friends, hope you had a great summer break ☀️🌴🏖 Back to business. First amazing speaker confirmed, and we are still looking for the 2nd, please reach out. Zaleniumizing nigtwatch.js 🦉 Stefan Staudenmeyer is Head of Quality Assurance at Instana, BBQ 🥩 Enthusiast and always in the process of building pipelines that break clusters. His interests range from a wide variety of languages, developing towards operability and sewing hoodies. In this session we're looking at a setup of nightwatch.js and how Instana makes use of it in automated pipelines. We're looking at the full spectrum on how it is being bootstrapped in Jenkinsfiles, what Zalenium and nightwatch are, and how to approach automated frontend testing with things like secure credential management for logins and environmental differences in multi-tenant systems are solvable. This will be an interactive hands-on session where we look at the full picture of QA setups and how you can easily integrate this into your environment no matter what type of webapps (from SPAs to webshops) you deliver.

Porsche Connect offices

Grönerstraße 21 · Ludwigsburg

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    Welcome to the Stuttgart JavaScript meetup group. We host regular workshops and tech talks on a variety of different JavaScript topics.

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