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Welcome to the User Group for Viennese Ruby developers and Rails aficionados. We meet every first Thursday of the month at our favourite co-working space to discuss all things Ruby and programming concepts.

At vienna-rb.at we publish our favourite articles and gems, on a weekly basis. You're welcome to contribute!

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vienna.rb #52 - Ruby April Meetup

MeisterLabs HQ

Our talks: Hardware hacking with your Rails app When working on a Rails app with lots of users and a plethora of requests, you’ll likely soon be addressing how you can have dedicated custom hardware for them. In this talk, I’ll go over my experiences and lessons learned from working on dedicated hardware for industrial catering services. By Ramón Huidobro You: Your talk! We'll be hosted by the amazing folks at Meister. Wanna sponsor us? Please get in touch!

Let's Go: EuRuKo 2019 - European Ruby Konference in Rotterdam - 21st+22nd June

Did you know? Floor Drees (@floordrees) started and ran this very ruby meetup group right here in Vienna at the legendary (now closed) award-winning co-working space sector5. We miss you! Always up for new adventures - thanks to Floor Drees this year's annual European Ruby Konference happens in... Rotterdam, the Netherlands. From the EuRuKo [1] website: The annual European Ruby conference will dock in Rotterdam! Board the SS Rotterdam! For this year's EuRuKo we have managed to secure a location so uniquely Rotterdam, it's crazy! Namely the SS Rotterdam. A ship with a rich history now permanently docked right in the middle of Rotterdam. [1]: https://euruko2019.org --- PS: Did you know? The euruko2019.org website [2] is built with... ruby thanks to jekyll and open source to learn and study :-). [2]: https://github.com/euruko/euruko2019.github.io

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