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Imagine a co-working space where everyone is with headphones, laptops, mostly being 'alone' all day ...
or a cafe/restaurant/bar where pretty much all people talk to people they already know..

The 'Connection space' is exactly the opposite of that; a fun social environment outside family and work, where we simply meet and hangout with new and old friends.

Thats it.

No to phones, laptops, zoom-calls, books (whats that?! :) )
No to a specific reason to meet up (eg. specific hobbies, genders, age groups, languages etc)
No to just talking to your friends
Not a dating, not a party, not an expat-only meetup

Yes to simple in-person(not online) connection with new and old friends
Yes to feeling like home & come as you are
Yes to unity and respect
Yes to eating, drinking and music
Yes to everyone-is-welcome & always-free events

How we meet? Will organise indoor face-face events in a restaurant/bar and outdoors depending on weather.

Looking forward to fun & connection:)

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