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Welcome to Women in Big Data NRW, WiBD NRW, formerly know as Women in Big Data Düsseldorf.
NRW stands for North Rhein Westphalia, and the name change reflects our ambitions to expand the reach beyond a city, and work for diversity in data across the region.

Women In Big Data is a global community to Connect and Grow and strengthen the diversity in the big data field. Our mission is to inspire, connect, grow, and champion the success of women in Big Data. With our events and training we are targeting the big data and analytics professionals, people who are interested in moving into big data and analytics field or just are interested in the industry related topics. We want to help you to connect, engage and grow.
• Visit WiBD Central Site : https://www.womeninbigdata.org/
• Follow us on:
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/wibddus/
Instagram: @wibddus  https://www.instagram.com/wibddus/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WiBDDuesseldorf

Everyone is welcome to our events - diversity and inclusion is what drives us an anyone who is ready to stand behind those values and support diversity and inclusion are most welcome.

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