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A WordPress community meeting in the heart of Coventry. We're here to learn from each other and help us all get the most out of the popular web publishing software. Whether you are a seasoned developer, or part time blogger, all visitors are welcome... Come on in, and grab a seat! In the meantime why not read our blog (https://www.wpcoventry.co.uk/)?

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WordPress Coventry - Sept Meetup ~ "The one about getting setup to sell online"

Our monthly meetup to discuss all things WordPress where we will be having two presentations; one on "No-brainers Guide to Getting Your Shop Online" and one on "Taking Your Store to the Next Level". Agenda: 18:00 - Open Networking 18:20 - Getting Your Shop Online Talk + Q&A's 18:50 - Break (Grab a refreshment!) 19:15 - Taking Your Store to the Next Level Talk + Q&A's 19:45 - Wrap-up, Networking and Social Our first talk this month will be Sarah Sarkies from Mulberry Design (https://mulberrydesign.co.uk) with a walk through of how to turn your website from a brochure to shop, taking you through some pitfalls to avoid, and how to make it a success. Then, our second talk is with Ronald Gijsel from YITH (https://yithemes.com/) who will give us some great insights on how to extend the core WooCommerce functionality to achieve a more bespoke site and help your website visitors e-commerce journey. Come along to meet the group, introduce yourself and be sure to bring a business card!

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