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You are all warmly welcome to relax, breath, move, enjoy the moment and recharge your energy in my classes :)

Here's something about me:

I am a certified yoga teacher and a professional dancer, dance teacher, artist. I have been practicing yoga for more than 10 years. Having started with traditional Ashtanga yoga, my approach has through the years become a lot softer and intuitive in its nature, as I have through my experiences and life path come closer to my innermost self and expanded my understanding of the human body/mind /spirit. I don't cultivate strict rules or dogma in my practice, teaching, or life in general, but strive for authenticity and listening. My practice lives with me in my everyday life and helps me to stay balanced in all Levels.

As a teacher I am holding a space for you to connect deeply with yourself and work with your body in a sustainable way. The focus in my classes is in combining the breath and movement, safe alignment, strengthening and opening the body. Rather than reaching for extremities, we work on the quality of presence, awareness and alignment of the body. My classes also draw inspiration from: the nature, energy healing work, astrology, music & soundscapes, somatic practices and the multi-layered understanding of the human body that I have gained through my profession as a dancer.

I have been continuosly teaching yoga since 2014 (privately, in businesses and in several studios in Berlin: Yogibar, Yoga am Park, Lotos Yoga, Enso Yoga) and have completed the following Trainings:

Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Instructor (Yoga Europe, Berlin)

Pre-Natal Yoga Teacher Training (Yogibar, Berlin)

Restorative Yoga Teacher Training (Parvati Yoga, BDY, Leipzig)

Usui Reiki Energy Healing Levels 1 & 2 (Spiri-T, Tilburg, NL)

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Looking forward to seeing you soon on the mat :)