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Welcome to Zürich Boardgame Group!

Once a month on Fridays, we play boardgames and socialize in the cosy and relaxing atmosphere of the YMCA Cafe in the city centre.

The aim is simply to have fun as we provide the opportunity to meet new people or hang out with your friends.

As we use the rooms of the non-profit cafe in the YMCA house, it will be possible to buy a cup of coffee, a softdrink or a little snack. The location is just 3-5 minutes walk away from the Main station.

Everyone are welcome and it requires absolutely nothing from you. The team speaks both German and English (and Danish).

You can see our entire boardgame collection here:
Please let us know if you want to play any of these and we will bring them out for you to play! There will also be a selection of games from our collection to choose from.

Just come as you are, we will provide all the board games and the good mood!

We look forward to seeing you!

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