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This meetup was initially setup by a couple of people that worked at Oracle to bring people together. The topic or reason why people came to an Oracle specific meetup is as vast as our products and services. What we wanted is that people feel connected; that people feel that they belonged to a community; that people can learn and grow.

This hasn't changed since we started in 2015. We may have changed the format; changed the time from now and then; may have had a game night here or there; The meetup itself in its core about bringing the community is still as strong as ever. The strength of this community is the people and like a friend on mine says - "Whatever you put into the community, you'll get 10x back. If you put nothing in, then you'll get nothing out of it".

We are a group that have an interest (and some cases a passion) for Oracle whether it be who we are, what we do or the products we have to offer. We are welcome all to join - whether you are a specialist, enthusiast or a casual observer. This meetup is not a special interest group though we have a topic here or there that is what you do. We are all about learning from each other and having a sense of knowing more about other areas (outside of your direct interest) will still be a great learning.

This is an Oracle sponsored group where partners, customers and Oracle will present on topical areas of interest in the market and with the community. Sometimes, we'll bring in topics that are not even Oracle-related but impact the Oracle community. Sometimes, we'll even have a network session so you can meet some friends and make some new ones.

We look forward to seeing you all soon.
Team Oracle.

(See You There).

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