What we're about

Gender equality is an issue of international economic and social importance.

We know there is much more we can do to make a difference.

For too long, women alone have led the way, advocating for and achieving hard-won improvements when so many men hold the power and influence to help advance this work.

The focus of this Meetup group is on working together to achieve a significant and sustainable improvement in the unacceptably low levels of women in technology and leadership. Advancement rates are low, and the pace of change has been too slow.

We are following the non-profit institute, Male Champions of Change Ltd's strategy as an innovative intervention that can help in shifting entrenched gender inequalities.

Like Male Champions of Change, we want to be upfront and say that being a Male Champion of Change on gender equality requires genuine commitment – time, investment and innovation. We aim to share with you approaches and resources to help you get started, get momentum and accelerate your impact in your own working environments.

None of us can claim to have everything right. Yet we are resolute that championing change on gender equality cannot wait until we can all claim to be perfect role models.

It starts with those of us who are willing to step up, work together, listen, learn and lead with action.

At each Meetup, you can expect to hear from real people with real experiences of their own that have successfully achieved change. Thought leaders, change agents, role models. You will take inspiration and tangible strategies away to use in your own work environments. And you will join a like-minded community of people like you who want to be the change they seek because this is important.

MCC is a not-for-profit community group, run entirely by volunteers. We are always looking for sponsors so if you're interested, please get in touch with the organisers.

Upcoming events (1)

Tech/Coding Tests - surely we can do it better!


Frustrated by tech tests that losing you great talent? Are they overly comp-sci based? Coding challenges that take candidates days to complete (so they turn many candidates off)? Written in trendy jargon that can lose people whose first language isn't English? Maybe they've been devised by people who's ego's got in the way and they're just too clever for their own good?

If any of these - or other things - get your goat about tech or coding tests that are tripping us up or preventing better or fairer hiring outcomes, then come along to this meetup and learn how to do it better!

We're hearing from the engineering leadership legend that is Ted Tencza on building better tests. He's passionate about solving this longstanding conundrum that has bamboozled the tech industry for so long.

And we'll have a couple of additional speakers with different perspectives on the topic too. Expect lively Q&A because this is a hotly debated topic!

Big shout out to our friends at healthcare tech company harrison.ai who are hosting us at their fantastic office event space in the CBD (Haymarket). There will be refreshments while you enjoy the content and connect with your community!

If you have relevant questions you'd like to ask or something relevant to input at this meetup, please visit the MCC Slack channel and let us know.

Past Events

MCC 5th Birthday feat. CTO Round Table