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☯☯ Mindful Walking facilitates the calibration of our inner compass of intuition.

So where are the walks you may be wondering? They will be all over Sydney - Centennial Park, the Botanical Gardens, Bronte Beach to Bondi Beach and back, Coogee to Gordon's Bay and back, Manly, the Bay Walk through Haberfield along the water/bay, Abbotsford - start at Sydney Rowers Club and walk to Canada Bay and back, selected Northern Beaches TBC, Cronulla Ferry to Bundeena - Walk, picnic and then back to Cronulla, Lane Cove National Park, Bobbin Head Bush walk and many more coastal and nature walks to be added. All our walks will allow us to have a drink/coffee, mingle and chat at the end of the walk so we'll always finish where we started and it's up to you whether you stay on and chat or leave after the walk but the option will always be there.

Thanks for popping in and if you're about to join or already have - thank you - thanks if you've already messaged me with your details - your details are strictly confidential. My name's Enza & I am the only Organiser so your details will never be shared with anyone, ever. If you have yet to upload a visible photo - please do so. If there is any reason you need to conceal your photo, message me privately and I'll make other arrangements with you.

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☯☯ This is a group for those who wish to relax, reflect, re-energise and rejuvenate the mind, body and spirit.

☯☯ Mindful Walks is about connecting the mind, body and spirit - about overall wellbeing.

☯☯ Mindful Walking exercises the mind, body and spirit, improving overall well being.

☯☯ We will be organising Mindful Walks all over Sydney. Places will include Centennial Park, Coastal Walks, Bush Walks - if you have any suggestions, privately message me. The mindful walks will be offered during the evenings as well as early in the morning on weekend so they'll be something for everyone.

☯☯ Mindful Walking will at a relaxed pace so this group is unsuitable for those keen to power walk. It is however ideal for those who wish to walk short distances or longer distances - there will be a variety at a leisurely pace.

☯☯ Mindful Walks will finish the walk with a get together at a café which is optional. You are welcome to stay on and mix and mingle over a coffee or more after the walk.


Please have a visible photo showing - so Organiser and fellow mindful walks can recognise you. If this is a reason why this is a concern for you, please message me privately and I'll ask you to forward a photo to me privately. Thank you. Above is a photo of me, Enza. be sure to come up to me at the start of any Meetup and say hello. I look forward to enjoying and exploring this beautiful city of Sydney during mindful walks. Following the walk , you will be invited to stay and join the group for a drink or a snack at a nearby café.


Duffy's Forest near Terrey Hills

Sculpture by the Sea: Tamarama to Bondi Beach Mindful Walk
20th Annual Exhibition 20 October – 6 November, 2016

We'll be there!



NB To help cover Meetup fees, PayPal fees, Mobile Phone calls and SMSes (where weather is dubious an SMS will be sent out to all attending to confirm or cancel the event depending on weather predictions) plus other sundries that come out of the organiser's pocket, we ask that you support the group by donating a once off small annual payment of $5 at your 1st or 2nd Meetup.


Bay Walk at Haberfield


Bronte to Bondi Beach Coastal Walk
Approximately 45 minutes leisurely walk there - stop at Bondi for a drink and chat, then back to Bronte Beach - 45 minutes leisurely walk back. Why start at Bronte Beach - parking is easier and there is ample free parking to choose from too.

Public Waiver - For outdoor activities

By joining this group and/or RSVPing 'YES' to any outdoor events offered by Mindful Walks, it is on acknowledgement and acceptance of the Public Waiver Section.

You agree that you have read and agreed that you are responsible for your own safety.

You are responsible for your own safety for all meet-ups.

Acknowledgement and Waiver MINDFUL WALKERS Meetup Group advises all intending and actual participants in any of the outdoor activities of the group that any or all of those activities may be considered “adventure sport” and require appropriate physical fitness, competence and may involve an element of risk. Participants in any activity of the group do so voluntarily and in the knowledge of the fitness, competence and the equipment required and fully understanding and accepting the risks involved.

All participants acknowledge that they take part in such activities at their own risk and will hold none of the Group, the leader(s), others involved in organising or assisting with the activity or any of the other participants in an activity responsible for any death, injury or loss that may result to them or to others through participation in the activity whether due to negligence, misadventure, accident or otherwise.

Those inviting visitors to activities agree that in doing so they have made the terms of this Acknowledgement and Waiver clear and that those participating in an activity as a consequence do so in full acceptance of this Acknowledgement and Waiver. The Group, its leaders, those assisting in organising and those participating in an activity may, to the fullest extent permitted by the law, rely on this Acknowledgement and Waiver as a bar or limitation to any claim for death, injury or loss that may result from such activity.


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