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Saturday Sydney Park soccer – no beginners
Please read the following before you RSVP. This is an intensive game for male runners only. People on waitlist won't be joining. Duration is 90 mins with 5 mins drinking break. Regular rules for soccer, no offside, everyone needs to be goaly for 5 to 10 mins and we rotate it. Everyone brings two shirts,prefer one white and one dark color. Soccer boots are allowed at this time ( will change to turf boots or sneaker when cricket starts ). There is no +1 so if your friend likes to play, please ask them to sign up the meet up group and join the game. Rsvp will be closed at 2pm. if Oval is occupied by AFL or closed, proceed to location 2, see map below

Alan Davidson Oval

400 Sydney Park Road, Alexandria · Sydney

Respond by: 21/07/2018