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What we’re about

This is meetup group for soccer lovers to set up and find, create their own pick up games - no fees for joining the group, only relevant venue/game fees will apply.

Group Rules:

#1. Respect 

Respect your RSVP, respect others on and off the pitch, and respect the rules of the game and the spirit of the game

Don't be a no-show - or a late change for a game. Uneven games with odd numbers make life difficult for everyone, players and organisers. If you feel like a late night on the town is on the cards, don't change your RSVP at 2:43 AM and drop out after getting 13 beers in, the morning before the game.

Update your RSVP at least 24 hours before the game - so that gives people on the waitlist a chance to prep or update their own RSVP. Players are not standing by at 2:43 AM when you updated your RSVP. People have plans.

Respect the people you play with - this is a friendly social game, not your chance to win glory for now and evermore. Nothing gives you the right to berate or shout at other people or argue over line calls or handball. If it's a foul, call it. Be fair, play with honor and expect the same of others. Just because something looks out to you 30 meters away, doesn't make your eyesight the only source of truth. Live easy.

Respect the organisers. Don't debate stuff that's been clearly explained before - bans, calls, timing, respect for others etc. Unfortunately, until your fees can cover the hire of professional referees and video review equipment, we have to live with game calls from the person closest, and in case of any dispute rule calls by the event organisers. Since our reputation for infallibility is highly fallible, we are likely to get some calls, if not all calls wrong. Remember that the World Cup is not on the line here - and if the referees could miss this, surely we can get a few wrong. Don't ruin our games over it and don't hound the organisers.

Play the beautiful game.

Play with a smile on your face, and help bring a smile to the face of people around you.

Life is too short for it to be any other way.

Note: Late changes to RSVP (less than 24 hours before the game)  dropouts, disputing calls, bad behaviour, including persistent arguing, or skipping without paying fees will result in a ban.

In summary

1. Respect your RSVP

2. Respect the players, and organisers

3. Have fun

4. Play with a smile