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What we’re about

Bonjour et bienvenue á l’AFLM!
The Adelaide French Language Meetup (AFLM) group allows local French-speakers to meet.

As a group, our aim is to practise the French language in any way by meeting and engaging in various activities (especially linked to food) that are organised as low cost as possible to members.

We have regular and occasional meetings that you can find in the AFLM calendar. Please as a courtesy to the organiser, RSVP for meetups and then UPDATE your RSVP if you can't attend - numbers are limited to maximise linguistic participation so changed RSVPs can be offered to someone on our waiting lists.

When you register for the first time:
·        choose a name that enables us to recognise & remember you (eg your real name)
·        provide us with your email address (compulsory) or a friend's email address.
·        send the organiser/s your contact number (mobile preferred) so we can get in touch if something changes à la dernière minute. ( A list of all members' phone numbers will be available to Event Organisers and the organiser team only).
·        pay a compulsory 12-month membership fee of $5 within 2 weeks or upon attending your first meetup. This allows you to attend as many meetups as you want without having to pay $2 each time (our previous method to cover site & group costs). This fee is to keep the website alive. Please hand it in to the organiser and do not let him/her ask you for it. SACREBLEU!

In our meetups
Please mix with everyone, whether they are native speakers or not. Our AFLM meetups are warm friendly welcoming events where courteous conduct is expected from all members. We are very open-minded and eager to get to know you and welcome cultural diversity in its broadest sense, as this sparks more conversation topics along the way. Oui! oui! oui!

Some traditional French customs and activities may be respected (eg. "La Galette des Rois", cheese/chocolate fondues and other French cuisine) whereas some meetups may be adapting something happening in our beautiful Adelaide to make it a sensational opportunity to practise French or to develop our listening and speaking skills (as well as our vocabulary!). Oh lá! lá!

We welcome your valuable meetup suggestions, remarks, ideas for places and activities as we have a world of endless possibilities ahead of us, PARBLEU!
Feel free to contact us, we're only too happy to get French going, c'est la vie!

Please note:
·        this is a private meetup group that is not used for personal sales or marketing activities. Members found to have breached this membership condition may be blocked from the group if this occurs
·        ALFM members should act with courtesy, respect and care for other members in an AFLM meetup event and within the wider AFLM group. Any conduct by a member that is counterproductive to a safe and welcoming meetup or membership in the AFLM group may be referred to the AFLM Leadership team for review; a member whose behaviour does not meet the required courtesy, respect and care to other AFLM members may be blocked from the group by the AFLM Leadership team.

A bientôt,
Stevie and the organiser team from the Adelaide French Language Meetup (AFLM)