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This is a public group for those interested in watching and discussing Alternative Films such as those played at Film Festivals in Sydney.

It’s aim is to get people together who share a common interest of watching alternative films together in Sydney cinemas. After watching films, we usually like to go for a drink to catch up and get to know each other whilst sharing our views on the film.

By Alternative Films we mean a film that provides an alternative to commercial media and the conventional topics usually displayed there. These films deal with subjects, points of view and formal elements not found in the mainstream.

The categories of films that we mostly like to see and discuss are Dramas, Documentaries, Independent films, Experimental films, Intellectual films, Foreign films, Comedies, Romances, Romantic Comedies and short films. The films that are not included in this group are Thrillers, Horror films, and Action films.

The Alternative Films group is free to join and is open to the public. So feel free to come along on your own or with your friends and join in on the events. Also, you are very welcome to make any suggestions or even organise an outing to watch your own favourite alternative film in our group in Sydney cinemas.

I hope you enjoy this sense of community for those interested in Alternative Films and get to meet like-minded people.

The Sydney Alternative Films

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