• Let's talk APL/J/K #15: The one where we AOC in Q?

    Link visible for attendees

    At this event we will discuss APL/J/K and related array programming languages.

    Happy New Year to everyone. This time I thought it would be nice to do it on Monday, since relaxing with array programming is the best way to start the week. (An APL a day keeps the doctor away)

    Let us tackle some of those Advent of Code Puzzles from 2022. We are particularly interested in solving them in Q as per Andrew's and Doug's suggestion. See here for Q code: https://github.com/qbists/studyq/tree/main/aoc/2022

    About array programming languages like APL/J/K:

    Array programming languages are an efficient, and fun way of thinking and working with computers. If you want to learn more about different programming paradigms and have always been interested in expanding your horizons, you are very welcome to join this event.

    How to join:

    The event will take place online using jitsi.

    You are welcome to join and I am already looking forward to this event!