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What we’re about

Close relationships are one of our most challenging undertakings in life. We go in to them with high expectations and then discover all the complexities that come with them. We are very underprepared for what we encounter and experience.

This Meetup is about exploring, learning and discussing the understandings and skills that will make a difference in relationships.

There is a society wide dysfunction expressed in the 50% first marriage divorce rate, the second marriage divorce rate being in the 80%'s and the third marriage in the 90%'s. These represent the relationships where at least one party decides to divorce. There are all the other relationships where people hang on despite being very unhappy. What is going on? What is so dysfunctional about our relationships? What gets in the way of addressing this?

There are understandings and skills that can provide huge shifts in how relationships function. They will be introduced and discussed. The aim of this group is to give understanding and clarity so that you can make changes in your relationship that lead to healthier outcomes. Learn how to relegate upset and despair to the past.

This Meetup is an offshoot of Building Emotional Intelligence at