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What we’re about

This group would focus on a specific topic each week for a problem majority of the business owners are facing and how to solve it with Quick IT tools, fixes, or custom design.
We would mostly have this online every other time to make it easier for people to join in and not be restricted to just joining in person. A group where we share our IT knowledge and help business owners to solve problems or learn from other owners how they effectively leveraged IT as a tool to help give important tips.
We would have an agenda to get to know the people in our group, help them share the problems they are facing, and come up with innovative free solutions which they can be mapped to a solution during the event or after the event, we provide 10 hrs free consulting to achieve a simple solution to solve the problem.
Who Should Join?
Business Owners who have a history of running a business successfully should join as we plan to use the issues/challenges they are facing to help them overcome those.
We also get support from our wide partner network as we map one or more of their service offering to the business owners' needs.
We also try to get ongoing discounts , offers and credits with our partner network and sponsors.
Join us and know more!