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Brunswick Scottish Party and Dance - BYO drinks etc
A ceilidh (pronounced kay-lee) is a night of traditional Scottish dancing. Join with the Brunswick Scottish Society and learn how to do fun dances, and have some BYO drinks. Don't worry if you don't know how to dance -- the lovely people will teach you. This is the best $5 night you'll ever have! This is like a big party in a hall with BYO drinks, BYO glass/cup, BYO food and lots of Scottish Dancing. Most of the dances are like square dances with everyone being told or shown what to do. A few of the dances are similar to those done at ballroom places such as the Pride of Erin Waltz, Parma Waltz, Charmain Foxtrot or Evening 3 Step. Don't worry if you don't know any, they teach you. It finishes early, about 11pm, which is good as it's cheap drinks (BYO) you are probably best to use Public Transport. The 96 Tram gets you back to the CBD quite quickly. Some of us pop around the corner after and go to the Lomond Hotel on Nicholson St. The Lomond Hotel normally has a good band and dancing with free entry. Note: The number 96 tram just outside the hotel is one of the trams that is now running all night. FAQ: COST: $5 tickets at the door TIME: 7:45pm for an 8pm start LOCATION: Fleming Park Hall, 96 Victoria St., Brunswick East (the building just east of the Brunswick Bowls Club - 96 tram, stop #26. Note: If you end up at the tram terminus you have gone one stop too far. FOOD: bring food for the shared dinner - such as pasta, a salad, or cupcakes. DRINKS: bring your own + bring glasses/cups WEAR: plaid/tartan if you have it. It's not required, it's just way more fun! AFTER: drinks at the Lomond Hotel on Nicholson Note: This is being placed on a number of meetup groups and similar. We feel that having around 50 people dancing is quite good for this hall but recently had months with it going towards double this. Consequently we're now setting maximum RSVP numbers with the maximum being shared between groups. We monitor the total RSVPs over all groups and when we get enough people we cut off each group's maximum so that further RSVPs go onto wait lists

Fleming Park Hall

106 Victoria Street, Brunswick East · Vic

What we're about

There are no strangers here; Only friends you haven't yet met.

Global Village Social Melbourne Meetup is for Global Citizens, its about meeting other "Internationals" that are born overseas as well as Australians born in Australia that love mixing with others that have roots overseas.

In a typical village people know each other. This meetup group will enable us to meetup with other Global Citizens.

Its here in our Global Village Social Melbourne Meetup we will be undertaking many fun activities where true respect and friendships with others from diverse creeds , cultures and backgrounds can develop.

Global Village residence are interested in experiencing and learning about "new things" and by doing activities in groups are making our ethnic diversity seal our friendships.

It the mission of this meetup group to explore and experience Melbourne's diversity.

Be prepared to Meetup and to have FUN with other "Internationals" in Melbourne.

We have been having Brunswick Scottish Party and Dance - BYO drinks etc, Live Band meetups: local band playing original music, VR at the Bar Mixer meetups, FREE BEST OF THE COMEDY FESTIVAL meetups, some Knowledge Sharing Workshops held by Church of Scientology Melbourne and more...

People have been attending our events in this Global Village Social Melbourne Meetup group and had fun time to meet new friends and learned new things from each other!

If you have a 100% Australian heritage going back to the days of Captain Cook then you too jump on board.

Melbourne has a lot on offer and your suggestions are always welcome.

We are also looking for more people to join our event organizer team and creates more fun and good events for Global Citizens!!

If you have something in mind that you could do as Event Organizer then let us know.

Global Village Social Melbourne does not mind New Event organizers with out of the box ideas.

Stay well.

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