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Hausmanns gate 34 · Oslo

How to find us

Entrance is the same as to Cafe Hærverk. Check to get in.

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What we'll do

Want to secure communications to & from your infrastructure or take advantage of new web features like browser media APIs (camera, mic, geolocation and similar) or HTTP/2?
Want to automate the existing one better? Getting tired of big email providers tagging email from your MTA as spam?
Almost there but the vast variety of configuration options is bringing you down? In this workshop we'll go through best practices to deploy TLS in automated fashion on your infrastructure. Depending on the size of workshop, we can use real life scenarios and infrastructures of participants as examples.

Additional options:

- Work through preset infrastructure scenarios using provided virtual machine images
- Requirements: Laptop that has VirtualBox installed, internet connectivity and enough disk space to set up the few provided virtual machine images. Basic *nix knowledge required.

- Use participant infrastructures as example and discuss about different ways of tackling the issue there with the unique restrictions brought by the setup. In addition: I can prepare example infrastructures to discuss through if no-one wants to have theirs as an example.
- Requirements: Only you being there. This won't be an hands on workshop. Basic *nix knowledge helps.

Joona Hoikkala is a privacy and security enthusiast hacker and open so(u)rcerer. During days, he works on EFF's Certbot, and during night - when not boardgaming or enjoying delicious craft beers Joona participates in CTF challenges. Other FOSS software he is involved in include projects like acme-dns and ffuf.

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This event organized in collaboration with the Norway Chapter of the Internet Society (