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To start all what you need is a comfortable sport clothing. No need in shoes in the studio. The organiser has some spare inventory for beginners. If you have your equipment, you may bring it. Basically, we start from learning sword techniques with wooden imitation sword (bokuto or bokken), than move to iaito (metal imitation sword) and finally to senken (real sword). Also, we learn how to use wooden staff (bo) and naginata (glaive). Training with wood weapons is attended outdoors, iaito training is indoor only. First training is free. Weekly fee is $20

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Connection Studios Sydney

Lvl 1, 103 Foveaux Street · Surry Hills

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This is a group for anyone who is interested in classical bujitsu or at least wants to know more about Japanese weapons like katana (a long sword), naginata (a glaive) and bo (a staff). All skill levels are welcome.

The Tenshin Shōden Katori Shintō-ryū is a comprehensive martial arts school which includes many disciplines. Studying of it gradually reveals it sacred beauty and uniqueness and helps you to become physically and mentally stronger. I represent the mainline Shinbukan Dojo (Chiba Prefecture, Japan) of Otake Risuke Sensei and Otake Nobutoshi Sensei in Australia.

I started this group to meet other enthusiasts. Looking forward to exploring the outdoor and indoor activity with everybody.

First training is free. Weekly fee is $20.

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