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London Scala Talks: Diego Alonso, Lindsey Dew, and Omnia Ibrahim
Our final LSUG of 2018 will be a festive one, with the tinsel exchanged for shiny, sparkly functional streams in FS2 and Kafka. As usual please sign up on the Skills Matter web site via the following link: *Diego Alonso, Functional Reactive Programming with FS2* Functional Reactive Programming is an approach to writing programs. FRP uses signals, which represent a mutable value time-line of a value, and signal transformations as its basic blocks. `fs2` is a functional streaming library for Scala. This talk explores the key concepts of both FRP and `fs2`, how they relate to each other, whether we can write an FRP system on top of `fs2`, and what ideas from FRP can be used to guide future development of `fs2`. *Lindsey Dew and Omnia Ibrahim, Introduction to Kafka Streaming* The last few years we've witnessed the rise of data-driven projects, with Apache Kafka leading the charge for streaming big volumes of data. In this session Omnia and Lindsey will introduce you to Kafka Streams. They will be sharing with you Scala code examples, demonstrations of use-cases they have at Deliveroo, the problems they faced, how they solved them, and the lessons they've learned.

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