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What we’re about

I do have a love for astronomy and astrophotography myself and I don't really have many people in my circle of friends to share this with so I figured, what better way than to make a Meet Up group for this very purpose. I myself have several telescopes that I'm more than willing to setup for any interested people and anyone else is more than welcome to bring down their own if they own one. If not, why not just come down for some stargazing? This group is for anyone that has an interest in the cosmos, wants to chat with like minded people over pizza and soft drink (temporary place where I am going to hold it is an alcohol free zone) or just wants to have a look up into the heavens. Moon, planets, variable stars, binary stars, nebulas, whatever your passion or interest we can see it! For anyone that is interested in getting a better idea on the size of the solar system and the rest of the universe, I can set up a scale model of our solar system and believe me it is mind boggling just how small we really are!