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What we’re about

Melbourne Catholic Friendship Group (40yrs+) is a faith based social group sharing the same Christian values. Formerly known as Melbourne Single Catholics, it is an all inclusive group, we welcome people from all socio-economic backgrounds. Our aim is to hold social events and faith based talks at different venues across Melbourne where people can form long lasting friendships. A meal at a popular inner city restaurant on a Saturday night, a charity event, a Sunday brunch at a café by the sea or a trip to a local cinema to see the latest release are just a few of the events we regularly offer to our members.


FEES:There are no joining fees, however, a gold coin donation is normally collected at each event. The donation contributes towards payment of the Meetup site used to manage the group. Sometimes we run charity events where the donation goes to a registered charity.  Each event should clearly state if there is a donation and how it will be used.

EVENTS: Please read the event description carefully before contacting the organizer.  If you would like to suggest an event or have a comment to make about one you just attended, please contact the Committee via the Web Forms on the MeetUp site.

Event Organizers will not give out their personal mobile phone numbers. The Meetup Forum is the only way to communicate with others. If you are unclear about where and how to meet at an event, please say so beforehand on the Forum. (Others may well have the same concerns).

Feel free to comment on events after attending. This helps us create better ones.

BEHAVIOUR: We expect Members to show respect and courtesy to all who come along, both at events, and in all  on-line communications.  We will immediately remove any offensive or personal comments placed on the Forum.    Please contact the Committee via the Web Portal if you have any concerns.

RSVP's: If you say you are coming to an event, but later find you can not, you are kindly requested to change your RSVP to NO on the Meetup site.  Many events require us to book ahead of time (i.e. restaurants) and it is a stressful burden on organizers if there a substantial number of no-shows. We like to keep good relationships with the venues we go to. This simple courtesy is of great value to us, as we often delay ordering if we know people are running a bit late.   So please change your RSVP via the web portal - private messages to the organisers will not change the total number of attendees printed on the web page.

COMMON  SENSE: Events are held at public places, and it is up to members to organize their own transport there.  If it is an issue, please check the cost of events too, and ask if in doubt.  Members should remember that this is an open group, and it is not possible to reliably check on who joins, or who comes along to events. We do not encourage people to reveal their personal contact details (such as mobile numbers) online.