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Welcome to the brain training ground of the Mindful Communication Method .

The training ground for mindfulness in action and conscious control, thought dynamics and emotional intelligence in action.

After all everyone can be happy chilling in a deck chair by the pool but that is not what life is mostly, is it?

Wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to remain calm clear and in control of your mind and emotions when s#&t hits the fan as it does in real life all the time and NOT have our words be driven by emotions?!

Think about a simple thing like speaking in public? Instantly your body responds with tension. How about talking to the opposite sex (unless you're gay in which case it's the same sex) again instantly you body goes into tension. How about starting a new job, again your mind is on guard and the body reflects this thinking. But why and how can you reverse this trend and become calm controlled and confidently relaxed.

Mindful observation and knowing how to use your biology will help to get to know your mind body connection and its' natural language and help you to dive deeper into your potential of thought control and emotional intelligence to harvest the confidence you already have.

Our goal for you is to become more able to control your mind and turn your life experience into living prove of your own awesomeness, we know it sound very out there and that’s because it is!

We want you to leave the space of small and timid self sabotage and be all you want and can be, permanently!

We as humans have so much potential but we talk ourselves small, this is the place to train you mind muscles and confidence levels to access the very potential you admire in other people and to grow not only as a person but as an influential powerful change maker.

We want you to be less anxious, nervous and overwhelmed or stressed and more confident, calm, controlled and cool in your everyday dealings in whatever environment you find yourself in.

These training units are specifically designed for you to become able to consciously control your thoughts, drive your emotions and to choose the most appropriate and authentic behaviour and action that you need to move forward in your life, relationship, finances, health or business.

All training units are supported by scientific evidence and many hundreds of people’s feedback and success stories.

What’s your story going to be?

And what are you waiting for!? Start training your emotional intelligence and impulse control today and become the person you want or need to be!

'change your thinking mindfully and kick ass'

Tim T'ee.

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EXPRESS YOURSELF - Public speaking made easy!

240 Queen St


What's happening? Public speaking for the experienced and the terrified alike. Speaking in public is one of the most daunting experiences people can have, I think you would agree? Unhelpful emotions such as nervousness, anxiety to downright panic and judgement or going blank when it counts are common. This concentrated and fully action packed training event will give you the theoretical knowledge and practical skills to speak confidently in public with ease. __________________________________________________________ How? In this event Tim will share the powerful mindful communication method and how you can use the method to connect with anyone, anywhere and speak confidently and comfortably in presentations, meetings, interviews or give wedding speeches. We have ample time to practice the method hands on. Tim has 5 specially designed exercises in which you can hone your skills in a safe and supportive environment and increase competence immediately. ____________________________________________________________ Why? Who wouldn't want to to be more confident and influential? Not just in public speaking but in life in general? Why not feel more confident when you speak up? Why not radiate authenticity and integrity? Why not live and work without fear of judgement or social pressure? Why not feel comfortable in your skin? And why not you? ____________________________________________________________ Who? Tim is the creative director of MindCom – the mindful communication method and since 7 years he has been helping countless people to let go of their fears and transform into a comfortable confidence to leverage their ability to speak without fear in public. Tim has assisted individuals, small to large business as well as big corporations such as Westpac and Shell to connect with anyone, anywhere is a way that gets everyone's needs met. Now Tim wants to share the method to get your needs met with you. _____________________________________________________________ What are you waiting for? See you all there!

Dealing with difficult people - effectively and fast

240 Queen St


What What are difficult people and why are they seemingly everywhere? Disagreements, arguments, politics and games - none of these social dynamics help us to connect with each other, but still, that is what the day consist of more often than we need it to. This workshop will help enable you to deal with difficult people more effectively and save you time, energy and your nerves moving forward. Why How much easier would life become if you could navigate dealing with difficult people effectively? The answer: A lot! No more arguments, no more negative emotion – just forward motions to meet each other’s needs. That’s why. How Theoretical knowledge is good, practice is better, and both tied in together are perfect for increasing your capability. Our experiential knowledge can be applied straight away. This hands-on value is what we want to share with you. Who Tim is the Creative Director of MindCom - The Method. He has helped hundreds of people to communicate more effectively. From small and medium-sized business to big corporations such as Shell and Westpac, and individuals alike, as long as people are involved, the Method will solve the problem and build the bridges needed to move forward together more effectively. Where We are located in the heart of Brisbane’s CBD, at Level 2 / 240 Queen Street. One of our friendly staff members will greet you at the door and show you the way in. We have sweets and refreshments ready for you as you arrive. So book now and secure your spot – only 12 seats available since we believe in quality, not quantity, so hurry now.

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