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C++ User Group Munich is for professionals and beginners interested in modern C++, exchange of experience, and networking.

You're already in love with C++ or just started some tutorial. You want to talk to other C++ developers about template metaprogramming, concepts, or the next C++ standard. You have some awesome library ideas in mind you'd like to see in the next Boost release but don't really know how. You're looking for a new job or your company has exciting job offers for C++ developers. Or you simply don't mind an opportunity to attend interesting talks about C++ topics.

We organize a meetup once a month with a talk about C++ topics. Sponsors welcome!

Recordings of previous talks in our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/mucplusplus

Our Code of Conduct: http://berlincodeofconduct.org

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Everything I wish they told me about linkers

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On June, 15th, we have the honor to welcome Ofek Shilon to our user group. Ofek is a Mathematics-MA by training, but a 20Y C++ developer/writer/speaker in both the Linux and MS universes. Fascinated by compilers, debuggers and pretty much anything low level. Fiercely hated by his cat for no apparent reason


Abstract: When moving between Linux and Windows, many fundamental things behave differently and in surprising ways - in particular in linkers. If your co-workers have spent their careers on a single OS, these behaviors might seem to them as too fundamental to even explain.

This talk would give a crash-intro to linkers and explore just enough of their architecture and internals to understand some observable differences in C++ builds between the windows-verse and the linux-verse. We will also touch rant on what the C++ standard has to say on these matters.


19:00 (CET) -- Start of the videostream

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What about executable sizes?

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