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Are you new to Ottawa? Whether it's for visiting, studying, or permanently, if you're new to Ottawa and you want to meet new people this is the Meetup for you! If English is your second language (or third or fourth!), then this is also a great opportunity to practice your conversational skills. This Meetup is designed for anyone new to the Ottawa area that wants to participate in a social setting with others but doesn't necessarily know how or where to look. We welcome any and all people from all four corners of the Earth who appreciate good conversation. Are you here on a diplomatic mission? Come join us. Are you here studying english? Come on down. Are you here for a new job from elsewhere? Sweet! Please join us for exquisite conversation and to meet new people!

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ONSC MeetUp @ The Bridge Public House (Patio Edition)!

Needs a location

Welcome to the Ottawa Newcomers Social Club. The concept is simple: we meet up for exquisite conversation at a public location somewhere in Ottawa. That's it!

We're having the meetup outside on the upstairs patio of the venue. Just ask for my name (Fabian) and the staff will show you where to go. This is a covered patio so we should be fine regardless of any unfavourable weather conditions!

This is a great opportunity to meet new people in a very casual, low-key social setting. The only thing you have to take care of is to RSVP the event as it is limited seating. Then it's off to the races!

I will leave the link to the Google Maps location of the meeting place here: https://goo.gl/maps/yBJqof1ZpNhBHDJn9

There's plenty of public parking outside the venue, or if you prefer you can also park at the Strathcona Park parking lot and just walk over across the bridge.

Thank you so much for joining our event. I look forward to chatting with you! If you're a returning member, welcome back!

General Guidelines for the event:

  1. Since we're in a food/drink establishment, ordering food or drinks (or both!) is very much encouraged!
  2. Make sure you respect any extra rules the establishment might have in place, and be courteous to the staff.
  3. Be mindful of paying all due civility and cordiality to your fellow attendees.
  4. Have fun!

Thanks so much, have a great week, and is it Thursday yet? See you there!


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ONSC MeetUp @ Strathcona Park!

Needs a location

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