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What we’re about

Welcome to a journey of personal and spiritual growth!

We are looking forward working with you, walking side by side, heart connecting with like-minded people, sharing the wisdom, learning, growing into our full potential, learning how to overcome the obstacles and limitations in our life, letting go of what no longer works for us to embrace the new, step by step, at whatever pace works for you. We will support you on your unique journey of self-discovery through meditation and self-development classes, building our foundations of self-love and self-esteem through acceptance and healthy boundaries, releasing judgement and how to live in more harmony with self, other, and life itself.

Our focus is to bring more love, harmony, and balance into our lives through personal and spiritual growth, to be a positive uplifting influence in the world and in our sphere of influence, whether it is work, relationships, ourselves, or any other area. Even a small change can make a big difference in our life and the lives of others.

We offer in person classes and online events. Looking forward to meeting you.

Isabella and Dallas

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