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What we’re about

PURPOSE: This group has been set up to facilitate a group of people interested in developing their natural but mostly latent psychic abilities using the Scientific Remote Viewing ("SRV") training materials. Remote viewing allows us to gather information about people, places, objects and events beyond the normal boundaries of time and space using only our consciousness.

ORIGINS: Originally developed and used by U.S. military for espionage purposes. The Farsight Institute however is a civilian organisation that is the leading venue for large public projects involving remote viewing. Over more than 10 years, they have taken and refined the original materials making it easy for anyone of sound mind to develop their psychic abilities to the point that they can remote view with a high degree of accuracy.

SCIENTIFIC: Unlike regular 'psychic development', the SRV protocols use a scientific approach that precludes the 'lower mind' (personal beliefs, opinions, cultural conditioning, etc) from polluting the raw psychic data stream. Meaning, all sessions are done "blind" with the remote viewer having zero fore-knowledge of the target. In other words, the viewer has no idea who/what they are remote viewing until after they have finished all remote viewing sessions.

BENEFITS: Just as physical, emotional and mental development & maturity is important to live a whole balanced life, so too is our spiritual and psychic development needed to be the whole, balanced, multi-dimensional being we all are.

OUTCOME: After a small group has formed here, we will go through the training materials together. After that we start doing remote viewing sessions and record our results, refining our skills over months and years.

LOCATION: This group is Australian focused (formerly based in the Canberra).

MATERIALS: The training materials are available for free from here:

Although the host of this group has done the SRV training over 15 years ago, the actual 'training' in this group is being done by the free SRV materials. The Host here is merely a facilitator to offer support to others.