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This is Melbourne's longest running and largest group of its type. Come to our meetings and develop your understanding of Scrum, Agile, Lean.

RSVPs for meetups generally open 2 weeks ahead of the date. some meetups will charge a refundable deposit to RSVP. Read about why we do this (https://www.projectslittlehelper.com/2018/03/21/being-agile/lean/experiment-with-melbourne-agile-and-scrum-meetup-community/).

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"Work Together Anywhere". Create perfect online meetings with Lisette Sutherland

This meetup is a co-production with the Product Tank Meetup. Thanks to AGL for venue and catering. There is no RSVP deposit for this meetup. Please make sure you honour your RSVP, or if you can no longer come, please change your RSVP with enough time for others to take your place. ======================== We all want to share information and move projects and product development forward. Online meetings are becoming increasingly more common a means to do this. Unfortunately, online meetings are notorious for being awful. From technical challenges to disengaged participants, there are all too many snags that can get in the way of trouble-free communication. Lisette Sutherland, will be joining us at this meetup…physically in the room! She’s here as part of 1st Conference and is also promoting her book Work Together Anywhere as well as running some workshops. She will help us to explore ways of running problem-free meetings. With stories gathered from extensive research with remote collaborators, worldwide. You will hear stories of digital nomads, virtual entrepreneurs, global business networks, and robots. You will walk away having learned how to work online as if you were in the office together - and what’s possible when you get remote working right. As a bonus, she will introduce us to the fun game, Bad Meeting Bingo. ========================= Lisette Sutherland has worked with companies such as ING Bank, Air France, Rabobank and many more, helping their people, teams and management to create the conditions for remote collaboration success. She has also interviewed dozens of successful remote collaborators around the world, to uncover the principles, practices and tools that make this work. Lisette is an author, podcast host and speaker, who runs the website Collaboration Superpowers. She is a remote-working German-born American living in the Netherlands who is totally stoked by the fact that it’s possible to work from anywhere. In fact, it’s not just possible; it’s completely, productively workable – if you do it right. She shares just how to do it right through: • Work Together Anywhere: A Handbook on Working Remotely — Successfully — for Individuals, Teams, and Managers • Speaking engagements such as 1st Conference 2019 (Melbourne) and TEDx. • Work Together Anywhere workshops • Weekly Collaboration Superpowers podcasts featuring interviews with remote-working experts • Guest appearances at Pilar Orti’s 21st-Century Work Life podcasts

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Implementing scrum. Big bang or incremental?

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When you implement Scrum into a team should you go all in or in small steps? How do you know which is the right approach for you? Agenda Short presentation, setting context 10min Panel discussion & Q&A - 40min Activity: diagnose the situation - 20 min Debrief - 10 min Hosted by Craig Brown Panellists: Ed O'SHaugnessy, Helen Snitkovsky, Bruce Taylor, +1

What can Agile learn from the punk movement?

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I hope to have the night run like this; 1. Someone comes and talks for 20 minutes about what Punk was and how it changed society 2. Someone from the tech industry talks links punk and agile -another 15 minute talk 3. Discussion - dive into the ideas as a group - 30 minutes 4. Hangout and chat

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Deep dive into Value: What is it? Are you sure?

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