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We're a community of innovators, designers, and entrepreneurs passionate about exploring the future of work and the skills needed for the modern age.

Each Meetup we'll explore a new skill, tool or mindset in an experiential, hands-on format; more like a workout than a workshop. These are free, casual events for anyone interesting in keeping themselves future fit!

SkillGym Perth is organised by Skills of the Modern Age (https://skillsofthemodernage.com.au).

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How to Turn Bad Meetings into Good Ones


"This could have been sent in an email." "We've had this same conversation so many times." "What did we actually achieve in the last three hours?" We all have meetings, and we've all been in bad ones. If you've ever been sitting there thinking some variation or combination of the above, we get it! But we're not ready to give up on meetings just yet. We don't sign up to the philosophy that meetings are somehow separate to 'the actual work'. We think that having real conversations is an incredibly important kind of work - and bringing people together in the same room opens up so many possibilities that video links and email just can't compete with. The problem is, so much of that potential is being wasted in millions of meetings every day. In this SkillGym workout, we're going to explore a few ways to spice up your meetings and make them more efficient, meaningful, and enjoyable. Enlisting help from a shame and vulnerability researcher, a couple of complexity science nerds, and the LEGO Group, we hope we'll be able to breathe some life into your next meeting!

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