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What we’re about

A warm welcome to all spiritual seekers & meditators.

This meetup is for those who are walking the spiritual path and are looking to deepen their meditative states and understanding.

I created this group to help you awaken to the reality within and experience the immensity of pure awareness, the ocean of infinite bliss and stillness. 

We will reflect & contemplate on deeper aspects of our own consciousness and awareness, exploring key insights about our true nature.

The topics we will cover are spiritual awakening, consciousness, self awareness, meditation techniques, mindfulness,etc.


This is a also a place for spiritual people to connect with each other, share their journey and find guidance on the path. 

Everyone, who is interested in spirituality & meditation is welcome. All events are free.


About me – I devoted 23 years of my life exploring consciousness and enlightenment. I experienced my first spiritual awakening in 2004. For the next few years, I experienced profound states of bliss and peace. Finally, the years of seeking culminated and I finally awoke to the immensity within.

I now share my deep insights to help seekers progress on the path of awakening. My approach is secular, based on personal experience.

You can read about my spiritual journey here-