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What we’re about

1.  Purpose of this Meet-Up:

• To offer regular opportunities for all lovers of Italian Language and Culture to immerse themselves in the language, enabling them to listen and converse within a caring and supportive group at fortnightly meet-ups over a cup of coffee and/or a glass of wine.   Members' ability levels range from beginners to fluent speakers.

• To offer opportunities for members to participate in a range of cultural activities each year including enjoying Italian food in restaurants, viewing Italian films, attending Italian festivals, visiting Italian art exhibitions and playing Italian games eg. Bocce.

2.  Who Should Join:

• Anyone who has a genuine interest in Italian language and culture should join.  You may have a desire to share your knowledge of your experiences in Italy, you may want to learn more about the people, the land, the history and the music, you may want to prepare for a trip to Italy, or you may simply enjoy meeting other people with similar stories/experiences to you.

3.  Points to Note:

•  The Meet-Up meets mostly every 2-3 weeks during the week usually on Wednesdays, but occasionally, also on weekends .  Every few months, we also enjoy an Italian restaurant experience and we play bocce with the Sunshine Coast Bocce Club on a Sunday.  We attend Italian Festivals as well, when they are held.

• The Meet-Up Group is capped at 50 members.

• Meet-Ups are held all over the Sunshine Coast, as our members live in diverse locations from Caboolture to Tewantin, from Maleny to Maroochydore.

• All members are expected to be active participants, attending at least one event every 3 months to retain their place in the group.

• All members are expected to attend any meet-up that they have RSVPd YES to.  As a courtesy, they are expected to contact the Event Organiser either by phone or text BEFORE the event commences, if after RSVPing yes to an event, they then find that they are unable to attend.  Two failures to do this will result in membership being withdrawn. 

• All members are requested to bring a $2 coin to each meet-up that they attend, to help off-set registration costs. The exception is for restaurant outings, as I feel that the cost of food and coffee/wine is enough without $2 being added to the cost.

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