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Hi Fellow Meetup members & Kayakers, welcome to Swankayaking meetup group and the world of Kayaking. There is probably no other word in the world that conjures so much feeling in just a very short time and bring you into another space of freeness, adventure, serenity, laughter and camaraderie. That sacred word is KAYAK (kʌɪak ) and we would love to have you on board !

Inviting all new members to join us. So If you are still on the sideline there is no other better time or place in the world 🌎 to jump right in and join us for a paddle or two :)

Years have come and gone but the river flows on and remain resolutely magnificent for us lucky paddlers in Perth to witness its unchanging beauty in all seasons.


The seasons change actually makes it, if not more endearing ! Spoiled if only by imaginary aromas of coffees that urges us on and chatty laughter amidst the sounds of river life.


Dolphins we cannot promise each time you will see but 3 good friends you will always meet : Endorphins, Dopamine and Serotonin. The Ancient mariner says laughter is the best medicine although he may not know why. Now however we do but perhaps, just perhaps though we might have forgotten how to laugh - again


Come, then, join the Swankayakers for a paddle & a laugh or two! And for three hours be whoever you want to be, Joan of Arc, Peter Pan, Robin Hood or just simply yourself


Our Meetup mission is simply that you may catch the spirit of adventure and be recharge weekly by the 5 inherent elements of Nature that imbue each meetup :

* Air (Life),

* Water (Nourishing),

* Earth (Grounding),

* Space (Connectivity) and

* Fire (Passion).



What to Bring ? https://goo.gl/stCddU (Pic)


Event Hosts : Event Hosts that you will meet at the events are Volunteers. Their role is just to ensure that the events' logistics and organization are taken care of. They are not kayak trainers, instructors or safety guides and make no representation as such.


Kayak Hire ? https://goo.gl/Lv7MH9


What to Expect ? https://goo.gl/a45YVw


Where do we go ? https://goo.gl/uVAhor


Personal Kayaking Insurancehttps://bit.ly/3aK51sj (https://bit.ly/35vRrnB)


Be A Rivers Guardian Dolphin Watcher . : https://goo.gl/K86vyq



https://goo.gl/HVAWMB <-Click Please


❗️❗️ On the water personal safety is of paramount importance & ultimately each own responsibility.

❗️❗️❗️ Please ensure you have :

1. the correct personal flotation device (PFD) ,

2. General fitness and

3. Reasonable swimming ability & skills suited for the kayaking sessions which are water based activities.

❗️❗️❗️❗️WA dept of transport recreational boating's regulation & guidelines.

https://goo.gl/gNE9vw ,

https://goo.gl/V3yigq ,


[Last update 24/12/2020] (https://bit.ly/33re9vg))

[Update : 31/1/2021] (https://bit.ly/33re9vg))

[Update : 13/9/2021]


Upcoming events (4)

Kayakers F11 : Riverton Bridge to Kent St

Riverton Canoe Launch

Hi Kayakers, F11 this Saturday 23 Oct, we will be Launching from Riverton Bridge to Kent St Weir which will also be our coffee stop and the mid-turnaround point. The distance is approximately 4 km each way.

The Route/Carparks/Launch Pt/Coffee Pt
F11 : https://bit.ly/2Tn1tpu

Time table :
07:55am : Organizers & Early Birds
08:15am : 1st Kayak on water
08:20am : Paddle Off !

What to Bring ?

Group Stats :

Stay Tune for update :
Created on 17/10/21

Instagram : http://bit.ly/Instagram_SwnKyk
Facebook : http://bit.ly/SwnKyk
Kiva : https://bit.ly/Swn_Kiva

Kayakers' Invitation to Perth Pirates Dragon Boat Try Out Sunday

Maylands Sport and Recreation Club

Hi Kayakers, you are cordially invited to Perth Pirates Dragon Boat's Have-A- Go Day this coming Sunday 24th October, 10am at Maylands Sports & Recreation Club.

More Info :
Perth Pirates Dragon Boat Club

Venue :
Maylands Sports and Rec Centre
50 Clarkson Road
(Plenty of parking available)

24th October (Sunday) at 10.00am

Event Info :
. http://www.perthpiratesdragonboatclub.com.au/
. We will supply the paddles and equipment, recommend normal comfortable paddling clothes, shoes and water bottle.
. People can change clothes after the event in the club rooms if the want.

.Please contact Sheryl if you have any questions :[masked] (mobile).

Kayakers' F12th : Mandurah Canals Waterways

Waterside drive Boat ramp (Mandurah)

HI Kayakers, F12 following Saturday 30th Oct, we will be heading down to kayak the Mandurah canals and have coffee along the river banks of Mandurah cafe strip. Distance is about 7km in total.

All Welcome :)

The Route/Carparks/Launch Pt/Coffee Pt
F12 : https://bit.ly/3aIzJkz

Mandurah Canals (Vid)

Time table :
08:15 am : Organizers & Early Birds
08:35 am : 1st Kayak on water
08:45 am: Paddle Off !

* Swankayakers' Shirts Order :
* (https://bit.ly/3hWnhl6)

What to Bring ?

Group Stats :

Direction :
1. From Perth, go south on Kwinana Fwy for about 60km,
2. Take the Lymon rd exit to go onto Mandjoogoordap Dr
3. Mandurah Road for about 4km to come to Waterside drive.
* (GPS Ref :10 Waterside dr, Mandurah,)

Stay Tune for updates :
Created on 17/10/20

* Instagram : http://bit.ly/Instagram_SwnKyk
* Facebook : http://bit.ly/SwnKyk
* Kiva : https://bit.ly/Swn_Kiva

Swankayakers' Shirts Order (Yellow/Blue)

Embroidery WA


Hi Kayakers, we are taking orders again for the Swankayakers Shirt (Yellow/Blue). The picture on the back of the shirt is a drone shot taken at Elizabeth Quay. Those who like to order the shirts can do so here online.

The Ordering process is simple, just RSVP to place an order on this Meetup page. (ignore the above meetup date/times, once we have the minimum qty we will put the orders in)

The cost of the Shirt is $50 ($43 + GST; the balance will go to cover some admin cost). Image of the Shirt Design : http://bit.ly/3b0Pamk

Minimum Qty : 10 (Collectively)
Targeting placing this current batch of orders : 30/9/2021
* 7/10 Orders so far (28/9/21)
* 8/10 Orders as at 17/10

To Order & Pay Now : RSVP "YES" and Follow the prompts.

To Order & Pay Later : RSVP "NO". You will be prompted to place and pay when the minimum qty is near/reached. Just change your RSVP to "YES" and follow the prompts.

Payment Methods:
. Cash/PayPal/Credit/debit card when you RSVP

Design : Embroidery WA/Dye Sublimation .
Shirt Sizing Table
(Use the sizing table to work out your sizes)

Shirt's Specifcation :
UV Rating : Yes our fabric complies with Australian Standards for UV ratings and has to due to the amount of sporting clubs that we supply.

Sizing : In terms of sizing – we have men’s, ladies and children. We go by half chest measurements and recommend measuring as follows:

1. Find a comfortable long sleeve/short sleeve polo that fits you and one that you wear at the moment.

2. Lay this on a flat surface.

3. Measure the top from underarm to underarm.

4. Refer to our sizing charts and that will be your size.

5. Please do not measure the person – measure the garment.

It is quite acceptable to base all the shirts just on the one sizing, a lot of clubs base it on the men’s sizing.

Please contact Dianne or Markzen if you have any other questions regarding the Shirt or the ordering process.



Created on 18/9/21

Past Events

Kayakers' F10 : Balbuk Way to Riverside Gardens

Goodwood Boat Ramp

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