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Kayakers' Night Expedition D14 : Bicton Baths to Dome Cafe/Left Bank
Hi Kayakers, we have a night paddle on the Full Moon aka Beaver Moon, the evening of 23rd Nov (Friday), We will be launching from Bicton Bath Carpark and heading southward towards East Fremantle for a meal either at Dome Cafe or Left Bank. (**For paddlers with some experience...also please bring your pfd, head & kayak lights!) Full Moon Calendar : Dome Cafe(E.Freo) Left Bank The Route/Carparks/Launch Pt/Coffee Pt Time table : 06:10 pm : Organizers & Early Birds 06:20 pm : 1st Kayak on water 06:30 pm: Paddle Off ! Kayak Hire : Contact Perth Kayak Hire :[masked] What to Bring ? Group Stats (Oct'18): Personal Kayaking Insurance : Contact : PaddleWA @[masked] Stay Tune for update : Created on 15/11/18 *

Bicton Baths

80 Blackwall Reach Parade · Bicton 6157


What we're about

Hi Kayakers ,indeed a new season is upon us and not only Spring has landed but the Eagles too !! Its time now to de-hibernate the kayaks and spring alive !

Come ! Join the Swankayakers for an easy paddle this new season of Spring to kayak the Swan River from Bells to Freo and everything in between.

You will be pleasantly surprise by the abundance of river and bird life, not to mention of course the numerous river cafes that dot this amazing River. Can you not smell the coffee yet ?

Our Meetup Format Is As Easy as 1-2-3 :
1. Paddle Off
2. Coffee
3. Return.
. Mostly on Saturday Mornings for 2.5 hours.
. Distance is always about 4km each way.

Kayak Hire ?
. More Info : .
.Hire includes drop off & Pick up.

What to Expect ?

Where do we go ?
Map of where we go and have gone

What to Bring ?
Click on link for more info : (Pic)

Where can I hire a Kayak ?
Contact Perth Kayak Hire @0402.023.023

Personal Kayaking Insurance
More info contact PaddleWA @9285-8501, “ref Swankayakers”

Would You Like to be a Dolphin Watchers ?

The River is indeed alive, not only teeming with Bottlenoses and birdlife but the personality of the river changes with every season and time, always welcoming, charming & enriching every kayaker that chance upon it !

Why not enjoy kayaking on the Swan River and be a volunteer dolphin watcher with Rivers Guardian program. We do sight Dolphins in the river every now and then.

What's the most photographed trips ?
Is it one of the trips you missed ?


On the water personal safety is of paramount importance & ultimately each own responsibility. Please ensure you have the correct personal flotation device (PFD) and general fitness suited for the kayaking sessions.

The following article is extracted from WA dept of transport that governs recreational boating.
Detailed information are available on these links : . , ,

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