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What we’re about

This group is for all of those Data professionals and enthusiast that are excited by the growing space in Australia.

A chance to meet, learn, socialise and have some fun with a focus on this inspiring and growth area

SYDATA hosts events where speaclaists and leaders in the Data space present talks on their projects for the benefit of the data community. Australian companies are doing amazing things with data and we've created this event to help them showcase their work and help other engineers level up.

What you'll gain from this group:
- A better understanding of the best OS tools to use in building your own data infrastructure (pipelines, platforms, storage options, etc.)

- Real world examples from top technical companies explaining the data platforms their engineers are building

- Applied data science talks that explain the minimum level of algorithmic understanding engineers should have to work better with their data science counterparts, or to become a Machine Learning Engineer-unicorn themselves

- Highly technical conversations with other attendees, and announcements of the best data events and opportunities in the Sydney area

Want to give a talk? Please submit it for consideration here ( or ).

This group was founded by PreactaLabs ( and is a local Australian extension of our global data community.