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- If you are a songwriter wanting to achieve success with your song, you can meet with ASCAP affiliated music publisher and award winning songwriter Jacques M. Gentil for the next coming workshop session for critique of members songs in the making.

- We run 2 types of meetings/meetups.

1. A workshop on a weekend presented by award winning songwriter and ASCAP affiliate music publisher Jacques M. Gentil. Beginners & developing songwriters can meet with Jacques and learn tools and techniques that hit songwriters use. Jacques also run a masterclass showing songwriters areas that need to be improved with their songs to attain marketable level. (3 - 4 hours)

2. A 'free' Live Web-Conferencing workshop every other months on the weekend where developing songwriters receive feedback from Jacques M. Gentil on there songs in progress. Attendees may also give their feedback. This is a valuable opportunity for songwriters to take and get their craft improved. (2 - 3 hours)

- Via web-conferencing you can play guitar, piano or keyboard or any other instruments, or play a CD that everyone can hear so everyone can assess the songs. Lyrics can be posted on the virtual whiteboard accessible by anyone wanting to share their thoughts.

- We have been running these workshop opportunities since 2003 way before we joined meetup.com . We have had wonderful times and we have seen successful song results from songwriters who have been attending our meetups in the past, which I will share with those attending.

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The ASA Awards 2016 Results! (Not an actual workshop)
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From Sydney Songwriters Workshop Meetup. (You may need to log in to your meetup account to view the magazine - This is not a workshop invitation) December 2016 is when the Australian Songwriters Association ran the latest songwriters awards night. The Australian Songwriter magazine edition 120 gives an account of the night, the results and winners, which Karen Guymer and Jacques Gentil of Magesongs (meetup organizer) both previous winners of the prestigious Songwriter of the Year Award won best ballad and best spiritual songs. Magesongs is a proud sponsor of the ASA Awards. Click on the link below to view this edition with the 2016 awards results. Enjoy! The Australian Songwriter Magazine Edition 120 (http://www.asai.org.au/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/The-Australian-Songwriter-Edition-120.pdf)

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