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This group is for anyone and everyone interested in Photography walks, workshops and meetups. As an organiser i have many other groups where we run Photography Learning Workshops quite often (at least one in fortnight). This group will offer quality meetups to everyone who is passionate about fashion, portraiture and fine arts photography.

The group is being managed by AIPP photographer Zeeshan Zafar - http://www.instagram.com/zeeshawnphotography

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us on info@artxstudios.com.au

Introduction to Meetup Organiser:


Zeeshawn is Melbourne based, internationally published, certified trainer and AIPP accredited photographer. (www.aipp.com.au)

My major expertise are to teach how to connect and communicate with models to achieve best results in your photos, as I believe a model’s presence in a shot is one of the key factors for any photo to stand out. I mainly teach how to use your available resources, gear and lighting to produce high quality results.

I started photography about 11 years ago with a mission to bring in a unique and exotic touch to the industry.

My ultimate goal is to capture moments perfectly, allowing individuality to reflect clearly and personality to radiate accurately through the right story. I understand the fact that success can never be bought but a “can do” attitude helps one acquire it.

Over the years, I have learned and listened to the needs of people who wished to be photographed by someone that actually deliver candid result. This is the key motivation factor, which keeps me determined to deliver high quality work.

My Folio

http://www.instagram.com/zeeshawnphotograph... (http://www.instagram.com/zeeshawnphotography)

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Sydney - Portfolio Builder with 6 Models

49 Johnston St


8 hours of photography workshop. A brilliant opportunity to work with 6 Agency Standard Models, build your Portraits Photography Portfolio and learn over 20 different Lighting techniques. I have been running photography workshops for over 4 years now with highly positive feedback from my workshop attendees. I do not overcrowd my workshops with a lot of people. I prefer workshop attendees not more than 10 so everyone gets a chance to work and interact with models, learn techniques and get some good shots. My workshops are not just simple group shoots. I share the exact same techniques I use in my own shoots, and I push workshop attendees to communicate with models, pose them, use their own creative imagination and create art which is unique in their own style. In these workshop sessions, you will learn how to use your own limited gear & lighting resources, basic wardrobes and simple lighting setups which don't cost an arm and leg, so you can reproduce the similar results on your own. The workshop will cover the following style of portraits photography Fashion & High Fashion Beauty Portraits Fitness Portraits Dance Portraits Male Portraits Techniques covered Using your camera in manual mode Introduction to studio lighting Understanding composition rules Understanding colour theory Light setups for Fashion and Portrait photography Understanding light modifiers (Softbox / Octabox / Stripbox and Beauty Dish) Creating multiple effects using one light (3 Light Setups) Creating multiple effects using 3 different lights Learn how to mix different modifiers such as beauty dish and softbox. Explanation on Rembrandt, loop, broad, butterfly, V-Flats and clamshell lighting. Understanding styles of photography Working with fashion models techniques Portraiture ethical values and models posing techniques How to build your portfolio discussion Editorial and Magazine submission shooting techniques Introduction to natural lighting Shooting angles and right shooting distance How to find the best light around you to create dramatic portraits Understanding highlights and shadows Multiple lighting setups using natural light What to bring DSLR / Mirror-less Camera Any portrait less from 50mm to 200mm Focal length At least 64 GB memory card. Yes you will take lots of photos on the day

Fashion Nudes Using Studio Lighting

Needs a location


Register before 25th May to avail early bird prices Studio Location: Suite 7, Level 1, 70 Shepherd Street, Marrickville 3 Hours of Studio lighting and Nude Fashion Workshop with Melbourne Model Kristy Bryans https://www.instagram.com/kristy.bryans Use of Studio lighting Learn the techniques of Nude Fashion Photography using studio lighting Proper lighting instruction by professional trainer + Agency represented a hgih quality model Learn, shoot and build your folio.

Past Events

Portraits by Night - Using Available Light

1B Harbour St


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