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What we’re about

Welcome all Card Sleuths! This is a female only group for practicing tarot and oracle card readings in a supportive and kind environment. Beginners and experienced alike welcome!

LBTQIA friendly :)

If you identify as a female of any colour under the sun (and moon), are any type of able-bodied, and you're bi, straight, ace, intersex or trans, you are very welcome!
(If you present as a male in your bio, please be aware that I will reflexively refuse your request to join, sorry! Females only, no exceptions.)

I'll make certain that each event's venue has disability/wheelchair access and facilities.

We'll begin with an optional chat session, then maybe a short group meditation, then split into pairs or groups to give each other readings and practise our skills.

For entry, a deck of cards and a $5 note must be flourished :) You get to keep your cards though! No cards, no play.

Any kind of deck you use for cartomancy readings is okay to bring along and use. Oracle or angel, tarot, pip, or one that's hand-drawn on foolscap and chopped up into discernable pieces is a-okay! ☺️

If you don't have your own cards right now, a good affordable starter tarot deck is the Rider-Waite-Smith deck through Amazon:

Or Lenormand for $20-ish: \

As this group is growing, we'll try out various locations with great disability access, that are in fairly central locations in Brisbane, close to public transport, parking and coffee! Different days and times will be tested out before settling onto something regular.

This is not a traditional teaching environment. I'm not a teacher :) This club is just for women to practise, these are not formal lessons. If you don't know much, that's okay, let the organiser know and they can pair you up with someone friendly.

If you receive a reading you must give one, this will be noted down.

Respectful, open-minded and kind discussion around meanings is encouraged whilst remembering that everyone's meanings are ultimately valid and acceptable.

Same goes with spiritual beliefs, to each their own! No one needs to disclose their belief system or ideas on how the universe and everything works if they don't want to :)

A clear photo of your face is needed to join. Feel free to change it once your request has been accepted.

Homophobic, abusive or racist views will not be tolerated. Try to avoid all the 'isms if you can! 😅🌞✨

We each have different rules and comfort levels around others touching our cards. If you're the reader and you don't want others shuffling or touching your deck that is absolutely okay.

Try to allow the person giving the reading to practise their craft; it's REALLY easy to jump in and interpret the cards ourselves, so try to allow the interpretations of the person giving the reading to take priority as often as possible.

Hands should be sanitised prior to every reading depending on the comfort level of the owner of the cards. It's advisable where you are shuffling or touching someone else's deck. Bring your own soap if you have a tendency to allergic reactions. No hand sanitising, no play.

Some people will be okay with drinks or snacks on the table next to their cards, others won't be. Feel free to let your reading partner know your wishes.

Under 18's must be accompanied by an adult who will stay with them for the duration of the event.

We each have the power of discernment and free will and others cannot be held liable for actions we take from what we are told in readings. Go to a GP or certified health practitioner for health concerns.

No-shows will be noted. Update your RSVP to receive a gold star (just kidding - no gold star, but please do update your RSVP if you can no longer make it to an event).

Depending on COVID restrictions, masks may or may not need to be worn. Details will be in the description of each event. Please stay home if you're sick.

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